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Here’s a plush I made about a year ago, now- my snooty Breloom, Starr.  She’s by far the prettiest Pokemon on my team of adorable uglies. <3 The Glameow in the second picture is an official one for size-comparison.  The red’s a bit off in that first photo- her toes are much less pink than that.

Starr is made of fleece and a few other assorted materials.  Her legs are jointed, and though one is a little looser than I’d like, she can stand with some coaxing.  I really want to try doll joints again- just need to find another Pokemon suitable for it!

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Getting this party started for real, I’ll start with my latest plush: a Pyro from TF2!  I have a wonderful friend I roleplay with who has a Pyro OC, and I thought she’d like some company this holiday season, so I set to work.

Sorry the lighting isn’t too good in these photos!  Pyro is more of a fire-engine red, so the colors are a bit off.  I couldn’t find my usual model for scale, so Ringo had to stand in.

Pyro is made primarily of fleece, with wool, felt, and embroidery details.

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