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The first of my Fairydactyls for my store, Grimme’s Plush Prehistoria!  I’ve been hard at work on the patterns for these little guys (and other prehistoric critters who are soon-to-come) for the past couple of months, so I’m absolutely thrilled to have a couple for sale!  I’ve got more in the works too, and lots of interesting fabrics to work with- color me excited to finally get this project off the ground.

Please go check out my store, or let me know what you think.  I do love feedback. <3

Grimme’s Plush Prehistoria on Storenvy

Facebook coming soon!

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Trying to pay $50 for a $300+ costume commission is like trying to get French champagne on a Sprite budget.
MaryAnne Vivandiere, seamstress and owner of Vivandiere Designs, on cosplayers asking for ‘reasonable prices’ for custom made costumes, without taking into account the hours spent patterning & fabricating said costume, as well as the cost of materials. (via msjayjustice)

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The Boxtrolls (2014) | Behind the Scenes

via Animation Magazine:

  • 1 week; the average amount of time for an animator to complete 3.7 seconds of footage
  • 3.5 inches, the cuff-to-cuff measurement of baby Eggs’ sweater (created on an embroidery machine to produce irregular lines, like a hand-knitted garment). His little socks are only ⅝” long
  • 4 scenes per week was the goal for each animator
  • 14 different fabrics were used in Lord Portley-Rind’s white hat
  • 24 kinds of weeds were created for backgrounds by the greens department
  • 55 different sculpts of prop cheeses were made; different scale sizes were needed for wide, medium and close shots

The 7th image… oh man..how do they animate water so that the wave lights animate alongside the character animation?? Is that some 3D printed water right there that they switch out over and over??? A light projection thru glass? Dying to know how it works. Everything about how Laika makes movies is real actual magic

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View the fullsize tutorial on DA | The most handy hair structure tutorials are this video by Proko and thisblog post.These are useful for thinking about the direction hair locks flow with different styles: 1 2 3 4 5 | Painting Realistic Hair | Shading with gradients: 1 2 | Tutorials by me including: Gimp Brush Dynamics, Coloring Eyes and Coloring Method.

All example characters are fromThe Silver Eye webcomic!

Bless you for this *—-*

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Commander Vimes didn’t like the phrase ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’, believing the innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’.
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